Hello there,

My name is Benedicte Raae and I am a freelance web developer living in Oslo, Norway.

I code apps and websites.

My first web project was a home page for my Junior High School in 1997.

My first JavaScript project was a photo gallery in 2002. I have never spelled height wrong again after the hours I spent debugging that thing.

After completing my MSc in Computer Science in 2009 I have done all kinds of projects in and around the web space. In many of the projects, I have been responsible for both concept, execution, and marketing.

These days I create using JavaScript (Ionic, Angular, Vanilla) in addition to more advanced WordPress work using Timber and Advanced Custom Fields.

I am also very interested in the JAMStack and would love to get an opportunity to client work using this approach.

I am again trying to share what I learn through this blog.

You can find me on Github, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Have a good one, Benedicte

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