Send printed Instagram photos to your Grandma!

Update 2017: Lillygram is renamed Little Lilly due to Instagram constraints. Currently open to existing customer only. Hopefully, I will have some time soon to work on the product and open it to the public again.

Hashtag selected Instagram photos with #lillygram and your grandmother will receive the photos as a printed letter each month.

Something you would like? We’ll you are in luck! Some friends and I are building this very solution as we speak. There we’ll be an invite-only launch in about a week. If you would like to be invited sign up at


#lillygram will cost 45 NOK per letter, and will be available worldwide 😀


Support e-mail makes me happy!

Sunday night we got Lilly Apps’ first support mail, and it made me super-duper happy!

Strange you might think? The mail even notified us of a small bug, how could that make me happy?

It is a sign that the person sending it really cares about Lilly Maps. When you send an e-mail to support, instead of just discarding an app, you are also letting the developers know the is important enough for you to spend time on letting us know about about bugs or other problems you might have with the app.

Of course it helped that she did not write an angry e-mail in ALL CAPS LOCK, but the above would still be true if she had!

The first support e-mail made me just as happy as uploading the app for testing the first time!
The first support e-mail made me just as happy as uploading the app for testing for the first time!

Annoying Baby Pictures in my Feed

My most popular Facebook post lately has been a link to, a Chrome plugin that blocks baby pictures on Facebook. One commentator even proclaimed: “The Internet just became a better place”.

So it seems I’m not the only Facebook user who is fed up with baby pictures and baby statuses showing up in my feed. However every time I see this little guy on Facebook my immediate response is alway: “OMG he is the cutest baby ever, why are there no more pictures of him in my feed?”

It seems we hate baby pictures and baby statuses except for the ones we like or sometimes even love. We forget that the ones we like and the ones we hate are usually identical, except for the poster.

I read somewhere that people are less tolerant and more negative to statuses the further out in their social circle the poster is. I know this to be true in my case; the boy in the picture is the son of a close friend. I would love it if she posted some more pictures of him, She on the other hand does not want to be one of those moms “everybody” hates.

So what to do…please answer the question below in a comment:

How do you keep updated on the babies in your life that you care about?

Yes, I am working on an app idea that would help you out in this department, but before I make it I would like to know more about what you do today.

Back on the horse

Update 2016: The app is now pulled from the AppStore.
Update: International 911 Caller is now available from the App Store.

After Apple rejected my To Me-app I was pretty bumbed, so I spent some time focusing on bGraphic’s first play project: Fashion Tweeks.

Then I got back on my horse and pushed through with my earlier abandoned app project, the International 911Caller. Even spending 4 hours punching the numbers from this wikipedia article into the app.

Hopefully it will be approved by Apple some time this week, please cross your fingers for me 😀

The International 911Caller locates you and lets you know the emergency numbers for the country you are in. If the app cannot find your location for some reason* you can look up the numbers in the directory.

*It will need data traffic or WIFI to look up the country after finding the GPS position

If you ever find yourself without the International 911Caller call 112, prefreably from a mobile GSM phone. In more cases than not it will put you through to the national emergency service.

May: rejection, radio and fashion

A short summary of bGraphic related May events!

To Me rejected

If you could please add some more functionality that would be favorable…

is all the representative from the Apple review board could tell me about why my app was rejected.

The app will continue to be available to my test team. If you would like to become a part of the test team, please sign up here.

Radio Debut

I talked about apps and privacy concerns on the radio show Radioselskapet on Norwegian P2. For those of you fluent in Norwegian you can listen in from time mark 1o.40 in the episode from May 24th (RSS-link, iTunes link).

Project Fashion Tweeks

I asked myself “How would that fashion billboard look like with me, or one of my friends, as the model?”

The results can be seen on, and Fashion Tweeks has become bGraphics first not for profit project 😀

Name Help – the Poll edition

Update: The poll closed early Monday morning, and as everyone can see To Me won with 14 votes!

I have googled,
I have trusted my gut feeling and
I have mentioned random names to people and closely monitored their reaction!

Now it is up to you, the people, to decide what the apps in bGraphics first app series shall be named!

[poll id=”3″]
Update: The poll is now longer available

Thanks to everyone who suggested names by commenting on the first Name Help blogpost. The nominated suggestions were submitted by Leif Arne Bakker, Daniel C Treidene, Espen Sjøulk and myself.

Name Help

Update: I am not taking any more suggestions, but you can vote in this blog post.

I’m back, and ready to get an app onto the App Store, and I need your help to find the perfect name!

The app(s)

The app I’m focusing on is the first in a small series of apps that will let you e-mail yourself or others without getting sucked into your inbox. I.e. the apps lets you compose and send an e-mail without getting redirected back to your inbox, and the first one will be for sending notes and reminders to yourself.

There will be two or three apps in this series (in the following prioritized order):

  1. E-mailing yourself.
  2. E-mailing anyone (ie. blank to-field).
  3. Choosing between several preset recipients (ie. boyfriend, boss, mother etc).