Back on the horse

Update 2016: The app is now pulled from the AppStore.
Update: International 911 Caller is now available from the App Store.

After Apple rejected my To Me-app I was pretty bumbed, so I spent some time focusing on bGraphic’s first play project: Fashion Tweeks.

Then I got back on my horse and pushed through with my earlier abandoned app project, the International 911Caller. Even spending 4 hours punching the numbers from this wikipedia article into the app.

Hopefully it will be approved by Apple some time this week, please cross your fingers for me 😀

The International 911Caller locates you and lets you know the emergency numbers for the country you are in. If the app cannot find your location for some reason* you can look up the numbers in the directory.

*It will need data traffic or WIFI to look up the country after finding the GPS position

If you ever find yourself without the International 911Caller call 112, prefreably from a mobile GSM phone. In more cases than not it will put you through to the national emergency service.