Support e-mail makes me happy!

Sunday night we got Lilly Apps’ first support mail, and it made me super-duper happy!

Strange you might think? The mail even notified us of a small bug, how could that make me happy?

It is a sign that the person sending it really cares about Lilly Maps. When you send an e-mail to support, instead of just discarding an app, you are also letting the developers know the is important enough for you to spend time on letting us know about about bugs or other problems you might have with the app.

Of course it helped that she did not write an angry e-mail in ALL CAPS LOCK, but the above would still be true if she had!

The first support e-mail made me just as happy as uploading the app for testing the first time!
The first support e-mail made me just as happy as uploading the app for testing for the first time!

Annoying Baby Pictures in my Feed

My most popular Facebook post lately has been a link to, a Chrome plugin that blocks baby pictures on Facebook. One commentator even proclaimed: “The Internet just became a better place”.

So it seems I’m not the only Facebook user who is fed up with baby pictures and baby statuses showing up in my feed. However every time I see this little guy on Facebook my immediate response is alway: “OMG he is the cutest baby ever, why are there no more pictures of him in my feed?”

It seems we hate baby pictures and baby statuses except for the ones we like or sometimes even love. We forget that the ones we like and the ones we hate are usually identical, except for the poster.

I read somewhere that people are less tolerant and more negative to statuses the further out in their social circle the poster is. I know this to be true in my case; the boy in the picture is the son of a close friend. I would love it if she posted some more pictures of him, She on the other hand does not want to be one of those moms “everybody” hates.

So what to do…please answer the question below in a comment:

How do you keep updated on the babies in your life that you care about?

Yes, I am working on an app idea that would help you out in this department, but before I make it I would like to know more about what you do today.