“No inbox, mail myself” – app

New app idea: E-mail yourself without ever seeing your inbox.
Update: The app never made it to the App Store, read why.

Why oh why, you might say? Hear me out 😀

I have started using my inbox as my main unsolved task list and getting things done tool. The inspiration for this comes from the norwegian MD, Jørn. You can read about his concept “Inbox Control”, in norwegian, at innbokskontroll.no, or have a go at the google translated version.

With this method you start sending a fair amout of e-mails to yourself, and after about three self addressed e-mail I thought: “There must be an app for that” and there is.  Mail Myself!  will save you from these three steps: Continue reading “No inbox, mail myself” – app

What happened to Cabin Fever?

The app has changed a lot since the sneak peak. It was a simple app with focus on the movie, now it’s more of a “How much stuff can we stuff into the app and still be able to make the christmas deadline” app. I’ll explain why…

As I should have known you cannot just wrap a movie in app clothes, this is against the rules.

2.21: Apps that are simply a song or movie should be submitted to the iTunes store. Apps that are simply a book should be submitted to the iBookstore

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Indie Movie as Indie App

I’m helping Norwegian Indie Director Mona J. Hoel get her movies into the hands of Apple lovers.

It is really exiting working with a person with so much energy and guts. Mona has decided to take (back) control of her movies and do whatever she can to get her movies into your hands.

It is also really exiting since this is my first app as a developer. I have been in the app space for about a year now, doing everything but coding, and suddenly I realized I missed being a developer. So I googled “iPhone app development”, found some tutorials and have taken it from there.
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