May: rejection, radio and fashion

A short summary of bGraphic related May events!

To Me rejected

If you could please add some more functionality that would be favorable…

is all the representative from the Apple review board could tell me about why my app was rejected.

The app will continue to be available to my test team. If you would like to become a part of the test team, please sign up here.

Radio Debut

I talked about apps and privacy concerns on the radio show Radioselskapet on Norwegian P2. For those of you fluent in Norwegian you can listen in from time mark 1o.40 in the episode from May 24th (RSS-link, iTunes link).

Project Fashion Tweeks

I asked myself “How would that fashion billboard look like with me, or one of my friends, as the model?”

The results can be seen on, and Fashion Tweeks has become bGraphics first not for profit project 😀

Name Help – the Poll edition

Update: The poll closed early Monday morning, and as everyone can see To Me won with 14 votes!

I have googled,
I have trusted my gut feeling and
I have mentioned random names to people and closely monitored their reaction!

Now it is up to you, the people, to decide what the apps in bGraphics first app series shall be named!

[poll id=”3″]
Update: The poll is now longer available

Thanks to everyone who suggested names by commenting on the first Name Help blogpost. The nominated suggestions were submitted by Leif Arne Bakker, Daniel C Treidene, Espen Sjøulk and myself.

Name Help

Update: I am not taking any more suggestions, but you can vote in this blog post.

I’m back, and ready to get an app onto the App Store, and I need your help to find the perfect name!

The app(s)

The app I’m focusing on is the first in a small series of apps that will let you e-mail yourself or others without getting sucked into your inbox. I.e. the apps lets you compose and send an e-mail without getting redirected back to your inbox, and the first one will be for sending notes and reminders to yourself.

There will be two or three apps in this series (in the following prioritized order):

  1. E-mailing yourself.
  2. E-mailing anyone (ie. blank to-field).
  3. Choosing between several preset recipients (ie. boyfriend, boss, mother etc).

“No inbox, mail myself” – app

New app idea: E-mail yourself without ever seeing your inbox.
Update: The app never made it to the App Store, read why.

Why oh why, you might say? Hear me out 😀

I have started using my inbox as my main unsolved task list and getting things done tool. The inspiration for this comes from the norwegian MD, Jørn. You can read about his concept “Inbox Control”, in norwegian, at, or have a go at the google translated version.

With this method you start sending a fair amout of e-mails to yourself, and after about three self addressed e-mail I thought: “There must be an app for that” and there is.  Mail Myself!  will save you from these three steps: Continue reading “No inbox, mail myself” – app