Annoying Baby Pictures in my Feed

My most popular Facebook post lately has been a link to, a Chrome plugin that blocks baby pictures on Facebook. One commentator even proclaimed: “The Internet just became a better place”.

So it seems I’m not the only Facebook user who is fed up with baby pictures and baby statuses showing up in my feed. However every time I see this little guy on Facebook my immediate response is alway: “OMG he is the cutest baby ever, why are there no more pictures of him in my feed?”

It seems we hate baby pictures and baby statuses except for the ones we like or sometimes even love. We forget that the ones we like and the ones we hate are usually identical, except for the poster.

I read somewhere that people are less tolerant and more negative to statuses the further out in their social circle the poster is. I know this to be true in my case; the boy in the picture is the son of a close friend. I would love it if she posted some more pictures of him, She on the other hand does not want to be one of those moms “everybody” hates.

So what to do…please answer the question below in a comment:

How do you keep updated on the babies in your life that you care about?

Yes, I am working on an app idea that would help you out in this department, but before I make it I would like to know more about what you do today.

13 thoughts on “Annoying Baby Pictures in my Feed”

  1. Interesting and universal issue this one. We all are mostly concerned about our family and close friends.
    I get photos on Facebook from my friends of their children. And now with Facebooks ability to star who I want to watch more closely in my feed I don´t get so much irrelevant news anymore.

    1. There should be an option for both posters and viewers. Posters can say, these updates will only be seen by people who opt in to see them, and viewers can say I want to see baby updates from this person 🙂

      1. Well, I know some people whose only activity on facebook is about their kids. Turns out they’re only on facebook once a year. In this case I don’t mind.

        I do have connections on facebook who are more remote, meaning not real friends, and who post baby-updates all the god d… time. That’s really annoying.

        Meaning, the annoyance factor is inversely connected to closeness, in addition to directly connected to frequency of updates.

  2. I don’t hate baby pictures and statuses on Facebook! I just scroll by them in the feed like other things I don’t care about. I believe I have developed a mental filter for it.
    I have my family and friends in smart lists on Facebook so I get the opportunity to go emotional over the kid updates from them, like and comment.

    I made a Facebook Page for my daughter where I post pictures and updates on here life. The page was established so I could tag her in pictures. But it gave several good effects. One was that people who liked to see what happened in my daughter’s life but didn’t want to be Facebook friend with me could like the page and get updates in their feed. An example is former schoolteachers.

    After reading this post I reflect on the possibility of one other good effect. I post less on my daughter from my profile. People interested in my daughter follow the page. So I have made it easier for people that are Facebook friends or subscribers who follow me for my posts on music, disability rights or whatever, but hate my soft side 🙂

    1. I have some friends who made a profile for their kid and that worked really well for a while. But I think it got hard for them to shift back and forth between the profiles, so a page would be easier.

      However a page is pretty public, isn’t it? How do you feel about the pictures etc. being available for anyone?

  3. My approach is pretty much the same as Vidars when it comes to filtering out things I’m not that interested in. Excited to see where this is going. Got a couple of friends that would definitely make use of such an app. (Maybe it could work for dog-owners as well? God, I’m sick of dog pictures cluttering my instagram feed!)

  4. Interesting issues. I have not tried the chrome plugin you mentioned, and I don’t feel a great need for it. My personal approach is to “hide” facebook friends that post too much of any topic, including baby pictures. I do not block any close firends, of course.

    Also to avoid posting too much info of the topics that interests me (real food and health), I created a facebook page ( that people can follow instead. That way I avoid being hidden by others, and my friends avoid being bugged down by my food and health posts.

    Looking forward to hearing about your next app!

    1. I know of several people who have made a page for their child, would you have liked a page like that if the kid was close to you?

      Are there other ways, not Facebook, you get updates about childeren that you are interested in?

      1. Hmmm, I guess I could “like” a page for some nephew etc., I don’t know anyone that has made such a page yet. Facebook is definetely the most used platform for pictures and updates nowadays, but the people I know with kids just put pictures and updates in their own status.

  5. It is so nice to read your blog Benedicte. It has a lot of air and space, and you are concerned withsolving a lot of other peoples hassles…I love it…and keep up the good work!

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