Finally bGraphic became a corporation, a couple of days ago, and I could apply for bGraphic to become a iOS Developer.

I knew this message would come, but it still amazes me! Underneath is an excerpt from devenroll@apple.com (bolding done by me).

Certificates of registration (‘Registerutskrift’) from the Br?nn?ysund Register Centre, as well as a certified English translation.

Developers located internationally may fax their documents to 1-408-974-7683.

So again I must find a fax, any suggestions??

The mail office up the street has a fax service, but international calls are blocked  – same goes for the real-estate office I tried last time. When I registered Appelsin I ended up faxing from the offices next to my old employers office, but that doe not feel feasible right now.

Also last time I’m quite sure they did not ask for a translation, at least I did not send one – so I’ll skip that step and see how it goes.

This is a fax machine for those of you who have forgotten it.

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    1. Yepp, men jeg fikk det til! Gjennom internett 😀

      Nå venter jeg kun på business visakort fra DnB så jeg får betalt utviklerlisensen min! Ting tar tid…

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