Indie Movie as Indie App

I’m helping Norwegian Indie Director Mona J. Hoel get her movies into the hands of Apple lovers.

It is really exiting working with a person with so much energy and guts. Mona has decided to take (back) control of her movies and do whatever she can to get her movies into your hands.

It is also really exiting since this is my first app as a developer. I have been in the app space for about a year now, doing everything but coding, and suddenly I realized I missed being a developer. So I googled “iPhone app development”, found some tutorials and have taken it from there.

The coding so far has been fun, but converting the movie so it will work on the iPhone complete with subtitles etc. etc. – not so much.

I guess you are dying to know which movie we’ll start with, drum-roll, Cabin Fever or in Norwegian Når nettene blir lange.

A large family is going to the mountain for their christmas vacation, in a rented cabin. Problems occur on Christmas Eve when the father gets drunk and his alcohol problem comes to show. We get to learn a lot about the family’s background, and secrets are revealed. If you look behind the curtain, they’ve got a whole other story to tell than what it looks from the outside.


Curiously Cabin Fever is the first Norwegian movie in the dogme genre, and will as far as I know be the first Norwegian movie-as-app.

We hope to have the app available for download by christmas, wish us good luck 😀


8 thoughts on “Indie Movie as Indie App”

  1. Saw this film in the movies 10 years ago. it`s really fantastic! I have seen another film made of Mona Hoel called Salto, salmiakk og kaffe, hope it also soon will be an app. Cabin Feber is a real spoken Christmas story, which will get your mind prepared for the coming holiday family gathering. Im going to download it on my Ipad tomorrow.

    1. I’m sorry to say it is not available yet…if everything goes according to plan it will be uploaded tomorrow, and Apple usually spend around a week. So hopefully ready just in time for christmas 😀

      Great that you love her movies, Salto, salmiakk og kaffe is next on our list!

  2. Wow…I can´t belive it. Was waiting for this a long time. Saw this film in Toronto International filmfestival back in 2000. This is a film that picks the ideal western family idea apart and leave you with a immense feeling of wanting to bring all the hidden trash family horror stories to the table….good luck…will download and hope it comes out before christmas…it is a great rehearsal for the christmas celebration…make sure it
    doesn´t turn out like these peoples evening….

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