Sometimes I am a farmer, kind of

I volunteer at a local farm, located smack in the middle of Oslo. Working at the farm is the complete opposite of a regular day at the home office.

The farms focus are kids of all ages. Activities during weekdays include: visits from barnehager (day cares), afternoon riding lessons for the local teens and more. On Sundays it is open for visitors from 12-15.00 and that is when I usually work.

Because of the summer holidays I got to spend both Saturday and Sunday at the farm last weekend, with no visitor and free access to the produce from the garden. What a weekend: relaxing in the sun, cuddling with the animals and making organic food with the farms eggs and vegetables.

For more information check out Kampen Økologiske Barnebondegård.

My new best friend: Grizzly!
Organic farm lunch

May: rejection, radio and fashion

A short summary of bGraphic related May events!

To Me rejected

If you could please add some more functionality that would be favorable…

is all the representative from the Apple review board could tell me about why my app was rejected.

The app will continue to be available to my test team. If you would like to become a part of the test team, please sign up here.

Radio Debut

I talked about apps and privacy concerns on the radio show Radioselskapet on Norwegian P2. For those of you fluent in Norwegian you can listen in from time mark 1o.40 in the episode from May 24th (RSS-link, iTunes link).

Project Fashion Tweeks

I asked myself “How would that fashion billboard look like with me, or one of my friends, as the model?”

The results can be seen on, and Fashion Tweeks has become bGraphics first not for profit project 😀