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Update: I am not taking any more suggestions, but you can vote in this blog post.

I’m back, and ready to get an app onto the App Store, and I need your help to find the perfect name!

The app(s)

The app I’m focusing on is the first in a small series of apps that will let you e-mail yourself or others without getting sucked into your inbox. I.e. the apps lets you compose and send an e-mail without getting redirected back to your inbox, and the first one will be for sending notes and reminders to yourself.

There will be two or three apps in this series (in the following prioritized order):

  1. E-mailing yourself.
  2. E-mailing anyone (ie. blank to-field).
  3. Choosing between several preset recipients (ie. boyfriend, boss, mother etc).

Read more about the rational and idea in my earlier blogpost, and if you would like to test them as they are nearing completion please sign up to be a part of my team on TestFlight.

For those of you wondering what happened to 911Caller/Emergency Caller it got more complicated than I though, but my plan is still to have it out by summer.

The name

I think it would be best with a name that focuses on the benefit:  Not getting sucked into and stressed out by you inbox, and not on the feature: There is no inbox. As an engineer that is not my strongest ability, so my name suggestion is/has been: No Inbox Mail.

The name should also work for all three versions of the app, i.e:

  1. No Inbox Mail Me
  2. No Inbox Mail Anyone
  3. No Inbox Mail Favorites

Help me!

Do you think I should focus on the benefit in some way, and if so so you have a suggestion?

Do you think I could focus on the feature, and if so is No Inbox Mail a good name or do you have another suggestion?

Words/phrases to inspire you: compose, send, stress free, quick, instant, easy.

19 thoughts on “Name Help”

  1. I have some rather lame suggestions; Not in prioritized order or anything.


    –Good Luck

  2. My suggestions are:

    Instant Mail or Mail Direct. With Me, Anyone and Favorite after.

    Instant Mail Me
    Instant Mail Anyone
    Instant Mail Favorite

    Sounds good, huh? Thats my favorite 🙂

  3. 23Mail Myself osv, eller
    123Send Myself ++

    Fint at man kan ha en standardtittel på epostene man sender seg selv, slik at man f.eks kan lage et godt filter. Men kan man sette en ny standardtittel om man ønsker å forandre den senere? 

    1. Det kan man ved å gå inn på innstillinger(settings)-appen og så finne . I ditt tilfelle NoInbox, takk som tester :D.

      Innstillinger(settings)-appen er der alle settings gjøres som wifi, bluetooth etc.

      Etter dette må du ta cancel på en mail for å aktivere de nye settingsene.

  4. NoIn Me
    NoIn Any
    NoIn Known

    Nobox Me
    Nobox Any
    Nobox Known





    1. Thank you, I like the really short series:


      However MeToMe got me thinking about a once famous girl group of two!

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