“No inbox, mail myself” – app

New app idea: E-mail yourself without ever seeing your inbox.
Update: The app never made it to the App Store, read why.

Why oh why, you might say? Hear me out 😀

I have started using my inbox as my main unsolved task list and getting things done tool. The inspiration for this comes from the norwegian MD, Jørn. You can read about his concept “Inbox Control”, in norwegian, at innbokskontroll.no, or have a go at the google translated version.

With this method you start sending a fair amout of e-mails to yourself, and after about three self addressed e-mail I thought: “There must be an app for that” and there is.  Mail Myself!  will save you from these three steps:

  1. Open the mail app
  2. Tap the compose icon
  3. Write your e-mail adress

I’ve used Mail Myself! and I can highly recommend the app.

After a little while however I wanted more, the more being:

I do not want to get directed back to my inbox/mail app after the e-mail has been sent.


I am a recovering inboxaholic.

I have no self control. If there is a new messages I must have a look at it, if there are no new messages I can spend a minute or two looking through the inbox anyhow! I have turned off the little red dot that tells you how many new e-mails you have. I have turned off e-mail notifications. I have in fact turned off all notifications, my iPhone will only let me activly know of new texts or  people calling.

My first thought was as always: “There must be an app for that”. Unfortunatly I have not found one that fullfills this need yet, so I’m thinking of making it myself. The app would simply:

  1. Present a compose e-mail view (with the to-field already filled out).
  2. Let you write and send your e-mail.
  3. Direct you back to step 1!

No inbox in sight 😀

I would love to hear what you think!

21 thoughts on ““No inbox, mail myself” – app”

  1. Undres på om ikke jeg har en kode for slikt slengende rundt et eller annet sted….men jeg er ikke god på iPhone-apps, så det er ikke mye hjelp å hente der 😛 (Android og Webapps er mer min greie)

    Kjempeidé Benedicte, go for it 8=)

  2. Like it! Don’t like the “no android”, though. Gonna look at all those tiny electronic fruit thingies with envy when that app hits the store! Go bGraphic!

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