Office Roundup: Boston

My first office review came about because I finally had a laptop to work on! I am sad to say tell you that my new, but actually old and inherited Mac Book Pro, decided to die. I did a proper shut down, thinking it might need some sleep, but it turned out it wanted to sleep for ever.

Rest in peace Mac Book Pro 2008 model! I am sad to say I do not miss you, I am totally in love with my new Mac Book Retina bought on a day trip to New York form Office Location: Tent City 😀

We have stayed in Boston for the last couple of week, and here are some of my favorite offices.

Trident Booksellers and Cafe, Boston


It’s a bookstore, it’s a diner! They serve breakfeast all day and I love the place.

My favorites from the menu: Huevos Rancheros and Co Co Banana with a shot of espresso.

Newton Public Library, Boston

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Very bright, very large and very quiet. I had channeled my inner librarian when Ola took this picture, he is not the best whisperer.

Go up to the second or third floor and find a spot by the large windows overlooking the park.

Invivia, Boston

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Ola interned for Invivia when he was a student in Boston in 2006, since then they have bought a brown stone and completely refurbished it. One of the partners is an architect and it really shows.

Room 510, Hostel International Boston

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For the first time since August 14th we are not living with anyone, so it was nice just to stay in bed, enjoy the solitude and work on Lilly Apps first app.

7 thoughts on “Office Roundup: Boston”

  1. Yeah, I would definitely go for the bookstore/diner. But was it quiet enough? Visited Powells Books in Portland… Awesome, but really noisy. Would have spent most of my time reading graphic novels rather than working I think… not that that’s so bad every once in awhile, but…
    How do you keep your work focused when you’re out and about?

    1. You need a plan, a todo list. Never go to a café to work without it because then the temtation of just looking at people or doing something else is too great.

      But if you have a todo list, your breaks will be a lot more fun since there is so much to look at or read 😀

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