Office Roundup: Oslo

I love working from home. It took me a couple of months to get into the whole working and living in the same space when I first started out on my own, but now I love it. There is no commute, no getting dressed in office appropriate apparel and if I don’t feel like talking to anyone I don’t have to.

However some days I just have to get out the house, and after coming back to Oslo this fall I have spent several days at an old favorite; Litteraturhuset, but I have also found a new favorite; Chill Out!


In the back of the café there is a lounge section perfect for working!

Only a few people show up early and it stays fairly empty until early afternoon.

The best part is you do not have to buy anything, so don’t be scared by the food prices 😀

There is free wi-fi and electrical outlets on the left side when walking in.

Chill Out

A travel shop, but also a café!

They have travel-books, travel-gadgets and yummy homemade baked goods. It seems most people use it as a store, not a café, so feel free to hog a table all day buying only one coffee.


There is free wi-fi and electrical outlets by the tables in the back and in the basement.

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