Office Roundup: Oslo

I love working from home. It took me a couple of months to get into the whole working and living in the same space when I first started out on my own, but now I love it. There is no commute, no getting dressed in office appropriate apparel and if I don’t feel like talking to anyone I don’t have to.

However some days I just have to get out the house, and after coming back to Oslo this fall I have spent several days at an old favorite; Litteraturhuset, but I have also found a new favorite; Chill Out!


In the back of the café there is a lounge section perfect for working!

Only a few people show up early and it stays fairly empty until early afternoon.

The best part is you do not have to buy anything, so don’t be scared by the food prices 😀

There is free wi-fi and electrical outlets on the left side when walking in.

Chill Out

A travel shop, but also a café!

They have travel-books, travel-gadgets and yummy homemade baked goods. It seems most people use it as a store, not a café, so feel free to hog a table all day buying only one coffee.


There is free wi-fi and electrical outlets by the tables in the back and in the basement.

Follow the hashtag #kafékontor on Instagram (and Twitter) for tips on where to work in Oslo!

Office Roundup: Boston

My first office review came about because I finally had a laptop to work on! I am sad to say tell you that my new, but actually old and inherited Mac Book Pro, decided to die. I did a proper shut down, thinking it might need some sleep, but it turned out it wanted to sleep for ever.

Rest in peace Mac Book Pro 2008 model! I am sad to say I do not miss you, I am totally in love with my new Mac Book Retina bought on a day trip to New York form Office Location: Tent City 😀

We have stayed in Boston for the last couple of week, and here are some of my favorite offices.

Trident Booksellers and Cafe, Boston


It’s a bookstore, it’s a diner! They serve breakfeast all day and I love the place.

My favorites from the menu: Huevos Rancheros and Co Co Banana with a shot of espresso.

Newton Public Library, Boston

facebook, homepage

Very bright, very large and very quiet. I had channeled my inner librarian when Ola took this picture, he is not the best whisperer.

Go up to the second or third floor and find a spot by the large windows overlooking the park.

Invivia, Boston

facebook, homepage

Ola interned for Invivia when he was a student in Boston in 2006, since then they have bought a brown stone and completely refurbished it. One of the partners is an architect and it really shows.

Room 510, Hostel International Boston

facebook, homepage

For the first time since August 14th we are not living with anyone, so it was nice just to stay in bed, enjoy the solitude and work on Lilly Apps first app.

Office review: Tent City

Tent City is the core of Ocean Grove and a reminder of the origins of the city:

On July 31, 1869, Reverend Osborn, Reverend Stokes, and other Methodist ministers camped at a shaded, well-drained spot on New Jersey’s seashore and decided to establish a permanent Christian camp meeting community called “Ocean Grove.”

It is hard to explain the concept of the tents, so have a look at these pictures instead.

I happen to have a cousin on my father side whose immediate family lease no less than three of these tents. Her parents even met there and we were lucky enough to borrow their tent for almost three weeks.

Me, the cousin and Ola

Tent City, Ocean Grove, New Jersey, US

Very good, the owner of the tent works at IBM and has made sure the Internet is up to speed! Except for the day it stormed; the power went out for several hours and we used the opportunity to take a little trip into New York City.

Quaint, which happens to be one of my favorite english words.

Very good, especially on rainy days when there is not much else to do.

Will I do it again? Hopefully 😀 This is my second late summer in the tents, last time was 2010 and I have already “booked” time for 2014.

Annoying Baby Pictures in my Feed

My most popular Facebook post lately has been a link to, a Chrome plugin that blocks baby pictures on Facebook. One commentator even proclaimed: “The Internet just became a better place”.

So it seems I’m not the only Facebook user who is fed up with baby pictures and baby statuses showing up in my feed. However every time I see this little guy on Facebook my immediate response is alway: “OMG he is the cutest baby ever, why are there no more pictures of him in my feed?”

It seems we hate baby pictures and baby statuses except for the ones we like or sometimes even love. We forget that the ones we like and the ones we hate are usually identical, except for the poster.

I read somewhere that people are less tolerant and more negative to statuses the further out in their social circle the poster is. I know this to be true in my case; the boy in the picture is the son of a close friend. I would love it if she posted some more pictures of him, She on the other hand does not want to be one of those moms “everybody” hates.

So what to do…please answer the question below in a comment:

How do you keep updated on the babies in your life that you care about?

Yes, I am working on an app idea that would help you out in this department, but before I make it I would like to know more about what you do today.

Office location: The brygge

I’ve always loved working/studying in a multitude of locations.

As a student people didn’t always take my studying serious. I sat in coffe shops or on the lawn with a big pillow in my lap, providing a makeshift table, enjoying the sun; while they were at the same desk in the same study hall every single day.

For a long time now I have not had a laptop, and that was ok when I did not code much, but lately I have been going crazy stuck at my desk in my living room.

Luckily for me I have now inherited a fantastic MacBook Pro (a little ironic there as the laptop is from 2008, generates a lot of heat and fan noise, however I can code outside), and to celebrate I will begin a series of office location reviews and without further ado here comes the first:

My review of The brygge*

There seems to be no fitting word for this in english, it’s a small pier or a deck above water or a kind of dock….

I sat at a table for a couple of hours coding during the day, and then did some more after dinner sitting on the stairs watching the sun set. The app I worked on was an idea my family came up with the night before, so it was fun having them ask how it was going and talk to them about how things should be solved.

Sitting at the stairs. Photo by sisters boyfriend,

The brygge in front of the family summer-house in Sweden.

Depends on what part of the brygge you sit on, from very good to very poor connection.

Off the charts and very inspirational, got some great boating app ideas.

Quite a few disruptions from various family members, but that was to be expected and welcomed.

Will I do it again? Definitely for shorter time periods. Especially when I’m mostly on holiday 😀