How to turn a WordPress blog into a WordPress homepage

As a business you usually want to greet your visitors with a proper front page, and not land them straight into your blog. This little tutorial will show you how, and it will even work if you want to skip the blog thing all together.

From a blog front page (left) to a proper homepage (right).

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Office location: The brygge

I’ve always loved working/studying in a multitude of locations.

As a student people didn’t always take my studying serious. I sat in coffe shops or on the lawn with a big pillow in my lap, providing a makeshift table, enjoying the sun; while they were at the same desk in the same study hall every single day.

For a long time now I have not had a laptop, and that was ok when I did not code much, but lately I have been going crazy stuck at my desk in my living room.

Luckily for me I have now inherited a fantastic MacBook Pro (a little ironic there as the laptop is from 2008, generates a lot of heat and fan noise, however I can code outside), and to celebrate I will begin a series of office location reviews and without further ado here comes the first:

My review of The brygge*

There seems to be no fitting word for this in english, it’s a small pier or a deck above water or a kind of dock….

I sat at a table for a couple of hours coding during the day, and then did some more after dinner sitting on the stairs watching the sun set. The app I worked on was an idea my family came up with the night before, so it was fun having them ask how it was going and talk to them about how things should be solved.

Sitting at the stairs. Photo by sisters boyfriend,

The brygge in front of the family summer-house in Sweden.

Depends on what part of the brygge you sit on, from very good to very poor connection.

Off the charts and very inspirational, got some great boating app ideas.

Quite a few disruptions from various family members, but that was to be expected and welcomed.

Will I do it again? Definitely for shorter time periods. Especially when I’m mostly on holiday 😀

Back on the horse

Update 2016: The app is now pulled from the AppStore.
Update: International 911 Caller is now available from the App Store.

After Apple rejected my To Me-app I was pretty bumbed, so I spent some time focusing on bGraphic’s first play project: Fashion Tweeks.

Then I got back on my horse and pushed through with my earlier abandoned app project, the International 911Caller. Even spending 4 hours punching the numbers from this wikipedia article into the app.

Hopefully it will be approved by Apple some time this week, please cross your fingers for me 😀

The International 911Caller locates you and lets you know the emergency numbers for the country you are in. If the app cannot find your location for some reason* you can look up the numbers in the directory.

*It will need data traffic or WIFI to look up the country after finding the GPS position

If you ever find yourself without the International 911Caller call 112, prefreably from a mobile GSM phone. In more cases than not it will put you through to the national emergency service.

May: rejection, radio and fashion

A short summary of bGraphic related May events!

To Me rejected

If you could please add some more functionality that would be favorable…

is all the representative from the Apple review board could tell me about why my app was rejected.

The app will continue to be available to my test team. If you would like to become a part of the test team, please sign up here.

Radio Debut

I talked about apps and privacy concerns on the radio show Radioselskapet on Norwegian P2. For those of you fluent in Norwegian you can listen in from time mark 1o.40 in the episode from May 24th (RSS-link, iTunes link).

Project Fashion Tweeks

I asked myself “How would that fashion billboard look like with me, or one of my friends, as the model?”

The results can be seen on, and Fashion Tweeks has become bGraphics first not for profit project 😀

How I ended up with

With every product comes the joys of costumer support!

This time around I have decided to use a support system from the start. Why? Because I enjoy communicating with my customers*, but the art of organizing it and making sure nobody slips through the cracks; not so much.

* Yes, I’m an engineer who like people.

I always thought I’d end up with Zendesk. I have followed their progress for a long time, I love their little buddah figure, I have even done a trial run once and found that I liked the service. However I ended up with, and the process went something like this:

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Name Help – the Poll edition

Update: The poll closed early Monday morning, and as everyone can see To Me won with 14 votes!

I have googled,
I have trusted my gut feeling and
I have mentioned random names to people and closely monitored their reaction!

Now it is up to you, the people, to decide what the apps in bGraphics first app series shall be named!

[poll id=”3″]
Update: The poll is now longer available

Thanks to everyone who suggested names by commenting on the first Name Help blogpost. The nominated suggestions were submitted by Leif Arne Bakker, Daniel C Treidene, Espen Sjøulk and myself.

Name Help

Update: I am not taking any more suggestions, but you can vote in this blog post.

I’m back, and ready to get an app onto the App Store, and I need your help to find the perfect name!

The app(s)

The app I’m focusing on is the first in a small series of apps that will let you e-mail yourself or others without getting sucked into your inbox. I.e. the apps lets you compose and send an e-mail without getting redirected back to your inbox, and the first one will be for sending notes and reminders to yourself.

There will be two or three apps in this series (in the following prioritized order):

  1. E-mailing yourself.
  2. E-mailing anyone (ie. blank to-field).
  3. Choosing between several preset recipients (ie. boyfriend, boss, mother etc).

Sailing in Greece

Tomorrow I leave on a two-week easter vacation to Greece, sailing in this catamaran.

I just realized it will be the first vacation, since august 2010, that I’m not planning to do any work – at all!

My Appelsin partner in crime, Anders, has received a lovely support routine document, bGraphic customers are well-informed and bGraphic apps will just have to wait until I return.

For the first time in my life I will set up an “Out of office reply”, I almost feel like a proper adult…

Have a great easter everyone!


Finally bGraphic became a corporation, a couple of days ago, and I could apply for bGraphic to become a iOS Developer.

I knew this message would come, but it still amazes me! Underneath is an excerpt from (bolding done by me).

Certificates of registration (‘Registerutskrift’) from the Br?nn?ysund Register Centre, as well as a certified English translation.

Developers located internationally may fax their documents to 1-408-974-7683.

So again I must find a fax, any suggestions??

The mail office up the street has a fax service, but international calls are blocked  – same goes for the real-estate office I tried last time. When I registered Appelsin I ended up faxing from the offices next to my old employers office, but that doe not feel feasible right now.

Also last time I’m quite sure they did not ask for a translation, at least I did not send one – so I’ll skip that step and see how it goes.

This is a fax machine for those of you who have forgotten it.