PE vs. PG help

Would you rather hire a Personal Engineer or a Personal Geek?

What is a PE /PG?

When I first came up with the concept I wrote this blog post, after that I have done a handful of jobs that I feel fit into this concept. Here are some examples:

  • Took over the operations of a WordPress site after it had crashed and I helped the client get it back in business.
  • Researched and wrote a report on how to track pdf downloads without needing to change the clients current it-infrastructure.
  • Helped a client get an account on YouTube and Vimeo, and later I will help her upload and sort her movies.
  • Created and ordered stickers, based on a client’s logo, from
  • Created a WordPress site based on the react theme and took care of all arrangements to get it online.
  • Teached a client how to publish blog posts on her current WordPress site.

Usually I do several assignments per client, and some even by hours in bulk so they can call/e-mail whenever they have need for their PE/PG.

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Update: The poll has gone, but the winner was Personal Engineer

9 thoughts on “PE vs. PG help”

  1. Jeg ville helst hyrt en personal engineer, av følgende grunn: Ved å hyre inn en personal geek impliserer jeg at jeg ikke er en selv! ;D Men begge høres jo ganske generelle ut. “Engineer” kunne jo like greit ha vært mot en strikkmotor som en webside, liksom (?). Kanskje det kan gå an å spisse inn hele betegnelsen noe..? “Web engineer”..? “Personal webcanic”?

  2. Hva med Personal Engineer Geek Asistent?

    Personal Engineer høres proffere ut, mens Personal Geek høres litt mer avvepna ut og er kansje lettere å avtale time med? Personlig Joggekompis vs. Personlig Fitness Supervisor . Klarer du å få inn begge?

    Your Personal Engineer: Geek Asistance Now! eller noe annet flott 🙂

    Tror jeg er enig i at de er 50/50 bra 🙂

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