Silicon Drinkabout

Last friday I found myself on my way to London with not much to do. Ola was going to a conference, my dad was out of town and my sister is consumed with finishing her final bachelor in fashion collection.

So what to do?

Just before take off I wrote this Facebook status update “Kjenner jeg noen som er i London i helgen og vil leke med meg?”/”Do I know anyone who is in London this weekend who want to play with me?”.

A friend from uni, Navid, was quick to invite me along to Silicon Drinkabout and I was quick to say “I’ll see you there”.

I loved the concept of Silicon Drinkabout; get a lot of people who share the same interest into the same bar, buy them some drinks and let them mingle.

Finally a concept focused on letting people mingle, not having them sit through presentation after presentation with a little bit of mingling at the end.

I talked to alot of interesting people and drank some really good cocktails! The Shoreditch Grind, were we met, is a coffee bar by day and cocktail bar by night – my favorite type of bar.

So if you find yourself in London (or Copenhagen) on a Friday night, look up which bar Silicon Drinkabout is meeting at!

Or if you decide to bring the concept to Oslo, I’ll be there ­čśÇ


How to turn a WordPress blog into a WordPress homepage

As a business you usually want to greet your visitors with a proper front page, and not land them straight into your blog. This little tutorial will show you how, and it will even work if you want to skip the blog thing all together.

From a blog front page (left) to a proper homepage (right).

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Business Cards

Just received my new business cards from MOO, and I love them.

I’ve always wanted to order something from MOO since I have heard so many good things about them, and they definitely┬álived up to the expectation. The cards turned out great, they arrived fast and their e-mails are a joy (I’m a sucker for automatically generated e-mails that make me smile).

I’m Little MOO – the bit of software that will be managing your order with It will shortly be sent to Big MOO, our print machine who will print it for you in the next few days. I’ll let you know when it’s done and on its way to you.

Remember, I’m just a bit of software.

So, if you have any questions regarding your order please (…)┬ácontact Customer Service (who are real people).

The picture doesn’t give the cards justice at all, you will have to ask me for one! ┬áThey need to be seen and fondled IRL.

If you are convinced, buy after clicking the link in this blogpost and I get a little cut ­čśÇ