Silicon Drinkabout

Last friday I found myself on my way to London with not much to do. Ola was going to a conference, my dad was out of town and my sister is consumed with finishing her final bachelor in fashion collection.

So what to do?

Just before take off I wrote this Facebook status update “Kjenner jeg noen som er i London i helgen og vil leke med meg?”/”Do I know anyone who is in London this weekend who want to play with me?”.

A friend from uni, Navid, was quick to invite me along to Silicon Drinkabout and I was quick to say “I’ll see you there”.

I loved the concept of Silicon Drinkabout; get a lot of people who share the same interest into the same bar, buy them some drinks and let them mingle.

Finally a concept focused on letting people mingle, not having them sit through presentation after presentation with a little bit of mingling at the end.

I talked to alot of interesting people and drank some really good cocktails! The Shoreditch Grind, were we met, is a coffee bar by day and cocktail bar by night – my favorite type of bar.

So if you find yourself in London (or Copenhagen) on a Friday night, look up which bar Silicon Drinkabout is meeting at!

Or if you decide to bring the concept to Oslo, I’ll be there 😀


A toddlers choice of app icon

This past weekend we stayed with one my father’s cousins outside of Washington DC. There I got to spend a lot of time with my  two-year old cousin, and of course I let him play with my iPhone. Mostly for peace and quite, but also for the chance to observe him using my iPhone over a longer period of time.

I was very intrigued when I saw that the he did not tap app icons at random, but he never tapped the right icon that would take him to the apps he liked.

He is very mush into cars, so I went  to and searched for “car” and found this app: Build a Car with Kate and Harry. You build a car with a preset of parts and then watch it drive for a little while. He enjoyed building the car, a lot, but the driving part became a little too long. So what did he do then? Pressed the home button!

Then he started asking for busses, so I did a search in the App Store and came up with this app: Wheels on the Bus with Mango and Papaya. To me the app looked kind of crappy, but after I helped him select the right choice in the menu he loved it. Each session with this “bus app” lasted a lot longer than with the “car app”. I never observed at what point he decided this app was boring and pressed the home button.

After leaving the apps I think he tried to come back to the app he wanted. However he would always end up demanding “more bus” or “more car” from me. When I looked at iPhone I usually found Mailchimp, DCRider, Harvest or bitly opened.

Yes there is app chaos on my phone now. App icons talking about circled in yellow!

One or two times I was with him when he pressed the home button and I said “press the bus”. His finger lingered above DCRider, but then he just looked at me for help.

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May: rejection, radio and fashion

A short summary of bGraphic related May events!

To Me rejected

If you could please add some more functionality that would be favorable…

is all the representative from the Apple review board could tell me about why my app was rejected.

The app will continue to be available to my test team. If you would like to become a part of the test team, please sign up here.

Radio Debut

I talked about apps and privacy concerns on the radio show Radioselskapet on Norwegian P2. For those of you fluent in Norwegian you can listen in from time mark 1o.40 in the episode from May 24th (RSS-link, iTunes link).

Project Fashion Tweeks

I asked myself “How would that fashion billboard look like with me, or one of my friends, as the model?”

The results can be seen on, and Fashion Tweeks has become bGraphics first not for profit project 😀

How I ended up with

With every product comes the joys of costumer support!

This time around I have decided to use a support system from the start. Why? Because I enjoy communicating with my customers*, but the art of organizing it and making sure nobody slips through the cracks; not so much.

* Yes, I’m an engineer who like people.

I always thought I’d end up with Zendesk. I have followed their progress for a long time, I love their little buddah figure, I have even done a trial run once and found that I liked the service. However I ended up with, and the process went something like this:

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Sailing in Greece

Tomorrow I leave on a two-week easter vacation to Greece, sailing in this catamaran.

I just realized it will be the first vacation, since august 2010, that I’m not planning to do any work – at all!

My Appelsin partner in crime, Anders, has received a lovely support routine document, bGraphic customers are well-informed and bGraphic apps will just have to wait until I return.

For the first time in my life I will set up an “Out of office reply”, I almost feel like a proper adult…

Have a great easter everyone!


Finally bGraphic became a corporation, a couple of days ago, and I could apply for bGraphic to become a iOS Developer.

I knew this message would come, but it still amazes me! Underneath is an excerpt from (bolding done by me).

Certificates of registration (‘Registerutskrift’) from the Br?nn?ysund Register Centre, as well as a certified English translation.

Developers located internationally may fax their documents to 1-408-974-7683.

So again I must find a fax, any suggestions??

The mail office up the street has a fax service, but international calls are blocked  – same goes for the real-estate office I tried last time. When I registered Appelsin I ended up faxing from the offices next to my old employers office, but that doe not feel feasible right now.

Also last time I’m quite sure they did not ask for a translation, at least I did not send one – so I’ll skip that step and see how it goes.

This is a fax machine for those of you who have forgotten it.

Business Cards

Just received my new business cards from MOO, and I love them.

I’ve always wanted to order something from MOO since I have heard so many good things about them, and they definitely lived up to the expectation. The cards turned out great, they arrived fast and their e-mails are a joy (I’m a sucker for automatically generated e-mails that make me smile).

I’m Little MOO – the bit of software that will be managing your order with It will shortly be sent to Big MOO, our print machine who will print it for you in the next few days. I’ll let you know when it’s done and on its way to you.

Remember, I’m just a bit of software.

So, if you have any questions regarding your order please (…) contact Customer Service (who are real people).

The picture doesn’t give the cards justice at all, you will have to ask me for one!  They need to be seen and fondled IRL.

If you are convinced, buy after clicking the link in this blogpost and I get a little cut 😀

Time tracking

Who knew renovating a house would take so much time? Everyone who has done it before, I guess, because they told me!

Did I listen? kind of. I’m not doing the hard labour myself; I am actually trying to build a business that doesn’t really revolve around home improvement. But it turns out there is much more to renovating than the manual labour. I kind of knew that too… The kitchen plan had already been ready in my mind for a long time. We will reuse most of the furniture, so that was also already decided on. However I hadn’t spent much thought on what material the bathroom ceiling should be, where exactly the electrical outlet should be, how many lamps there would be over the kitchen counter, how many cm the moulding should be or that it takes 8 weeks to get doors and floors delivered.

This year I have spent at least 33,75 hours!

Screenshot from Harvest

How do I know? I have finally started tracking my hours properly using Harvest. It is not totally under my skin yet, but it’s getting easier and easier. This is why I wrote “at least”, because sometimes I have simply forgotten all about it and how are you supposed to track those hours where you can’t fall asleep because “What material really is best for those bathroom floors?!?!?”.

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New year, new beginnings

You might be asking yourself “what is bGraphic?” or “what will bGraphic do?”. At least that is what I’ve asked myself over the Christmas holidays.

What I know

  • is my digital home.
  • bGraphic is my employer.
  • bGraphic owns half of Appelsin.
  • bGraphic will make more movie apps for Mona.
  • bGraphic relocates to NY/Bosten/Chicago/Ocean Grove for 2 months this spring fall.
  • If I have a new idea, problem, product or service you will be the first to know!

Happy new year!