How I ended up with

With every product comes the joys of costumer support!

This time around I have decided to use a support system from the start. Why? Because I enjoy communicating with my customers*, but the art of organizing it and making sure nobody slips through the cracks; not so much.

* Yes, I’m an engineer who like people.

I always thought I’d end up with Zendesk. I have followed their progress for a long time, I love their little buddah figure, I have even done a trial run once and found that I liked the service. However I ended up with, and the process went something like this:

  • I went over to to sign up, but I ended up doing nothing.
  • I went over to again, and again I ended up doing nothing.
  • Then I suddenly stumbled onto where I signed up immediately.

Why this sudden change of hearts? Take a look at the screenshots below.

What do they mean with basic self-service under the cheap option? Why can I only do a free trial on the expensive one? So if I get regular should I do annual or monthly billing?
Wow, it’s free until I get more people on board and then it’s a dollar an hour. Sound good! 

Which one would you have choosen?

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