Office review: Tent City

Tent City is the core of Ocean Grove and a reminder of the origins of the city:

On July 31, 1869, Reverend Osborn, Reverend Stokes, and other Methodist ministers camped at a shaded, well-drained spot on New Jersey’s seashore and decided to establish a permanent Christian camp meeting community called “Ocean Grove.”

It is hard to explain the concept of the tents, so have a look at these pictures instead.

I happen to have a cousin on my father side whose immediate family lease no less than three of these tents. Her parents even met there and we were lucky enough to borrow their tent for almost three weeks.

Me, the cousin and Ola

Tent City, Ocean Grove, New Jersey, US

Very good, the owner of the tent works at IBM and has made sure the Internet is up to speed! Except for the day it stormed; the power went out for several hours and we used the opportunity to take a little trip into New York City.

Quaint, which happens to be one of my favorite english words.

Very good, especially on rainy days when there is not much else to do.

Will I do it again? Hopefully 😀 This is my second late summer in the tents, last time was 2010 and I have already “booked” time for 2014.

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  1. I loved coming to visit you all down there, you and Ola helped me discover Ocean Grove a bit more.

    One thing worth mentioning is that there are great restaurant choices there, including vegan and vegetarian, and the ambiance for breakfast at places like the Starving Artist is very nice. Or “quaint” as you might say.

    I’ve taken to riding my motorbike down there, had breakfast with Andrey there this weekend, and the place is much less crowded in the early fall, yet still warm and friendly. Certainly worth a visit, and I’ll always think of your and Ola’s tent when I visit. Hope to see you there again next year!

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