Office location: The brygge

I’ve always loved working/studying in a multitude of locations.

As a student people didn’t always take my studying serious. I sat in coffe shops or on the lawn with a big pillow in my lap, providing a makeshift table, enjoying the sun; while they were at the same desk in the same study hall every single day.

For a long time now I have not had a laptop, and that was ok when I did not code much, but lately I have been going crazy stuck at my desk in my living room.

Luckily for me I have now inherited a fantastic MacBook Pro (a little ironic there as the laptop is from 2008, generates a lot of heat and fan noise, however I can code outside), and to celebrate I will begin a series of office location reviews and without further ado here comes the first:

My review of The brygge*

There seems to be no fitting word for this in english, it’s a small pier or a deck above water or a kind of dock….

I sat at a table for a couple of hours coding during the day, and then did some more after dinner sitting on the stairs watching the sun set. The app I worked on was an idea my family came up with the night before, so it was fun having them ask how it was going and talk to them about how things should be solved.

Sitting at the stairs. Photo by sisters boyfriend,

The brygge in front of the family summer-house in Sweden.

Depends on what part of the brygge you sit on, from very good to very poor connection.

Off the charts and very inspirational, got some great boating app ideas.

Quite a few disruptions from various family members, but that was to be expected and welcomed.

Will I do it again? Definitely for shorter time periods. Especially when I’m mostly on holiday 😀

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  1. Great picture, and a great tip! As I work in a team, I would have to bring the team out to the pier, but why not? In fact, my team have had several trips to the pier during summer days, and even had meetings there. I read somewhere that we get more creative the higher the ceiling is, so I guess outside is the ultimate place for creativity 😉

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