You thought I was special, didn’t you?

Many of my friends think I am very brave and special for not staying in the corporate universe of consultancy. They look concerned and a little baffled when I tell them I have no clue what I will make next year, but I’m sure it will be enough for the life I have chosen to lead.

But it seems I’m not that special; I’m just a part of a trend, at least according to U.S numbers. I must make a mental note to find numbers for Europe and especially Norway (where I live) as well.

He said contrary to popular belief, most of the current independent workers (55 percent) choose this route instead of being forced into temporary work. And he said 80 percent of these workers claim they don’t want to go back. And 28 million traditionally employed workers said they want to go independent in the next two years. That might be because 50 percent of traditional workers say they are unhappy with their work situations.

Read more in this article: By 2020, independent workers will be the majority.

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