Sometimes I am a farmer, kind of

I volunteer at a local farm, located smack in the middle of Oslo. Working at the farm is the complete opposite of a regular day at the home office.

The farms focus are kids of all ages. Activities during weekdays include: visits from barnehager (day cares), afternoon riding lessons for the local teens and more. On Sundays it is open for visitors from 12-15.00 and that is when I usually work.

Because of the summer holidays I got to spend both Saturday and Sunday at the farm last weekend, with no visitor and free access to the produce from the garden. What a weekend: relaxing in the sun, cuddling with the animals and making organic food with the farms eggs and vegetables.

For more information check out Kampen Økologiske Barnebondegård.

My new best friend: Grizzly!
Organic farm lunch

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