What happened to Cabin Fever?

The app has changed a lot since the sneak peak. It was a simple app with focus on the movie, now it’s more of a “How much stuff can we stuff into the app and still be able to make the christmas deadline” app. I’ll explain why…

As I should have known you cannot just wrap a movie in app clothes, this is against the rules.

2.21: Apps that are simply a song or movie should be submitted to the iTunes store. Apps that are simply a book should be submitted to the iBookstore

Why had I not investigated this? Because there are so many movie apps on the App Store. There isn’t much to them other than a movie tab, a synopsis tab and maybe a share button. Since Cabin Fever is a christmas movie, and I started this with less than a month to christmas, I wanted to keep it simple with focus on the movie. I did add a little info button that would reveal a table of links to the websites about the Director, the Movie and me, but nothing more.

It would turn our however that this extra stuff is essential, it is what makes the app more than a movie and therefore makes it legal on the App Store. I realized this when the rejection came Sunday night and Apple is closing the App Store back-end tomorrow (December 22.), so time was of the essence when I gave a shot at making something that would be approved.

I started throwing things at the app, solving layout problems as I went a long. I’m not the most experience iOS developer (I will be, but not there yet) so I only found time to make the iPad version. You can now read about Mona and the movie, you can tweet, e-mail and iMessage and you can tap links in the original table (now located weirdly in the middle of the screen) in addition to watching the movie 😀

It’s not really a better app, maybe worse, but you know what? It got approved and you can now buy it on the App Store.

The player
About the director
The links table

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