How I ended up with

With every product comes the joys of costumer support!

This time around I have decided to use a support system from the start. Why? Because I enjoy communicating with my customers*, but the art of organizing it and making sure nobody slips through the cracks; not so much.

* Yes, I’m an engineer who like people.

I always thought I’d end up with Zendesk. I have followed their progress for a long time, I love their little buddah figure, I have even done a trial run once and found that I liked the service. However I ended up with, and the process went something like this:

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Name Help – the Poll edition

Update: The poll closed early Monday morning, and as everyone can see To Me won with 14 votes!

I have googled,
I have trusted my gut feeling and
I have mentioned random names to people and closely monitored their reaction!

Now it is up to you, the people, to decide what the apps in bGraphics first app series shall be named!

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Update: The poll is now longer available

Thanks to everyone who suggested names by commenting on the first Name Help blogpost. The nominated suggestions were submitted by Leif Arne Bakker, Daniel C Treidene, Espen Sjøulk and myself.

Name Help

Update: I am not taking any more suggestions, but you can vote in this blog post.

I’m back, and ready to get an app onto the App Store, and I need your help to find the perfect name!

The app(s)

The app I’m focusing on is the first in a small series of apps that will let you e-mail yourself or others without getting sucked into your inbox. I.e. the apps lets you compose and send an e-mail without getting redirected back to your inbox, and the first one will be for sending notes and reminders to yourself.

There will be two or three apps in this series (in the following prioritized order):

  1. E-mailing yourself.
  2. E-mailing anyone (ie. blank to-field).
  3. Choosing between several preset recipients (ie. boyfriend, boss, mother etc).